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    Terms and Conditions

    Using this site implies acceptance of these conditions. For use in the best conditions of the site is recommended to read carefully these terms. S.C. Company T & M Impex SRL reserves the right to modify these provisions without any other notice. This site is maintained and managed by S.C. T & M Impex Company reserves the right to change the structure of the site without warning.

    All content on this site www.companytm.com - images, text, graphics Web and other data - is owned by SC Company T & M Impex SRL and is protected by copyright law protection. Use without the S.C. Company T & M Impex any items listed above is punishable by law.

    Personal Data Security
    Your personal data will be used by SC Company T & M Impex SRL only stated purpose of this site. The information in the order form will be used to send order confirmations, possible promotions, periodic newsletters, etc..
    S.C. T & M Impex Company undertakes not to disclose or not to sell databases containing information regarding your personal data.
    Personal data may be transmitted to the authorities to verify business transactions, only justified their request.

    Information Security
    This site uses security measures against loss, alteration or misuse of information that is in our control. S.C. Company T & M Impex SRL not be held liable for losses caused by errors intelligence software that is designed and hosted website. Also not responsible for any errors in the security server that hosts the site.

    All products come with warranty certificate and notice of shipment or invoice. Products offered in technical documents provided Observe regulations in force in Romania.
    Buyer agrees that products from natural materials such as leather, wood, wood veneer can be made identical in terms of texture, color tones on different surfaces and apparent peculiarities material. These are not considered quality defects. In case of any defects, the buyer may make complaints. Any complaint, accompanied by invoice and warranty certificate, formulated according to the buyer within the warranty certificate, require that after registering the complaint to proceed to solve it according to Law 449/2003 and GO 21/1992. The choice of route will be solved by SC T & M Impex Company through Customer Service department, office@companytm.com.

    If neridicarii order within 7 days after the buyer is notified of its arrival, the buyer will pay 5 lei (RON) / package / day, representing storage services.
    Except in cases provided by the legislation mentioned above, items purchased, which has been issued invoice, you can not replace or refund the store. In case of unavailability of a product in stock, for which the order was confirmed, SC T & M Impex Company undertakes to inform the customer about his absence for up to 48 hours, pointing out, however, the new delivery time.

    Prices on our website are in RON, with VAT included. Shopping cart and order final and total amount of VAT separately displayed VAT included.

    S.C. Company T & M Impex Established its regulations only promotions. Date of commencement and completion of these promotions is specified on the site. These regulations are communicated to prospective participants only through its own website. The promotions benefit only those orders that follows the rules posted on the site. Also, promotions apply only to orders that are recorded by SC Company T & M Impex SRL validity of promotions and only in stock.

    Editing mistakes
    In the event that the price of the product or some product features have been mistakenly placed in our database (or displayed wrong) and the delivery was not made yet, our company assign its right to cancel delivery of the product and inform the client in the shortest time of error occurred.

    Products purchased through this site are backed by a regular part of each category of products. Each product will be accompanied by a certificate of guarantee.

    Delivery of products purchased is specified in the menu called "Service" or "FAQ".

    www.companytm.com functions in accordance with legal provisions of the Romanian state.

    Disputes and conflicts
    Any attempt of unauthorized access to the site www.companytm.com and any attempt of fraud will be reported to authorities. Any conflict between S.C. Company T & M Impex SRL and customers sought to be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties. If this is not possible, shall be applied in this area and Romanian law conflicts is compententa Romanian courts.
    By agreeing to these Terms of Use, the client assumes all rights and obligations arising from the use of the website www.