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    warranty products


    Yes, there is a 2-year warranty for products purchased from stores Company T & M. Warranty period is calculated from the date of signature by the customer acceptance report or a bill of goods. In addition, the warranty period is extended by the time the product state of repair.
    For full details, please read the terms of warranty coverage.

    Products offered in technical documents provided Observe regulations in force in Romania. The customer agrees that the products of natural materials such as leather, wood, MDF, solid wood veneer can be made identical in terms of texture, color tones on different surfaces and apparent peculiarities material. These are not considered quality defects. Wood products may have small cracks or knots depending on the nature of wood or may occur over time, small cracks as a function of temperature and humidity are kept products and, as such, they are not considered quality defects. In case of any defects, the buyer may make complaint. Any complaint, accompanied by invoice and warranty certificate, formulated according to the buyer within the warranty certificate is submitted to Company T & M store from which the buyer has purchased the product. Company T & M is committed during the warranty, to repair a period of 15 days from the date of filing the complaint, according to Law no. 449/2003 and O.G. no.
    21/1992, as amended and supplemented.

    Terms of warranty coverage:

    1. Warranty term is two years, calculated from the date when the buyer of the goods acceptance report.
    The warranty period is extended by the time the product state of repair.
    2. If repair or replacement of parts - produslui components, the product warranty period is not extended.
    When replacing a product with a new product the latter benefit from the full warranty period this product again.
    - Repair without any additional cost to the buyer;
    - Price reduction or termination proper under the law.
    4. The warranty is granted for products to be used routinely in normal conditions, the purpose for which they were made, considering that these products will wear over the years in normal use.
    It is considered that the products are intended to be used routinely, in compliance with operating conditions, up to 50-70% relative humidity and temperature of 10-30 degrees Celsius.
    The average duration of use of furniture, chairs, a sofa with fabric is 5 years and the leather sofas for 10 years.
    6. Polyurethane settlement, stretching the skin or the covering material, while tarnishing or polishing materials, in normal as a result of wear, are accepted. These are not considered defects.