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    How to buy?

    Placing of orders

    There are several ways you can purchase T & M Products Company The traditional version is visiting, viewing, comparing, choosing a product that stores buy it direct from T & M Company Because we wanted to ease the burden of making a good decision in the acquisition of furniture, now you can order online furniture favorite. We help you save time with online access to a range of information about our products, the possibility of comparison and filtering Company T & M products based on price, promotions, product categories.
    Chooses to have the comfort and tranquility of the computer in the time limit that you only purchase we allocate this decision, order quality products online brand T & M Company

    Upholstery products:

    Most products of trim: corner living room, sofas, chairs and stools can be ordered range of material presented in upholstery materials and other materials available in stores.

    2. Depending on availability in stock trim product chosen by you on a particular material / color / size, delivery time varies.
    Product price changes, upwards, depending on the material chosen as follows: Leather, Fabrics material 4, 5 material Fabrics, Fabrics material 6, a leather material, leather material 2, the skin material 3.

    3. To take a decision on the material and the desired color for a product of upholstery, please visit the store Company T & M location nearest to you a sales representative of stores Company T & M will be invited to view materials and colors available
    will provide information on price and delivery time of product in a particular chosen upholstery material and color version.

    4. If you want to order a product online and you already have a preference upholstery material / color, please specify this in the section titled "Other Observations" in the online order form (in mind).
    A representative of T & M Sales Company will provide details of stock availability on the color chosen by you, order fulfillment time and price.

    Online ordering procedure

    Shopping Cart

    Select from the site and add products you are interested in the shopping cart by clicking on the Add to cart, which is next to each article site.
    Add to Cart How many items you want using the same procedure.
    If you want more copies of an item, change quantity in the box indicating the number of copies desired and then click Update Cart. To remove a product from your shopping cart, proceed to quantity the value 0 then click Update Cart.
    If you leave and return the shopping cart site will have products that you have already chosen.

    How to order?

    1. To order products you must have an account. If you do not have an account you can still add products to your shopping cart will that when you want to order to create one. You can create an account by clicking the Continue button in the My Account section.
    Immediately after creating the account, a message will be sent to your e-mail to verify it.

    2. After verification specify the address where you want to be delivered products add to the cart, (choose one already defined or creating a new one), choose the desired method of payment and delivery.
    Then click Submit.

    3. You will receive an e-mail you to confirm receipt of your order and its number. Please check the correctness of the order made viewing this e-mail.
    If there is a mistake, you can cancel your account or by e-mail to office@companytm.com.

    How do I change or cancel?

    If you change your mind before you press the button to place the order, remove from your shopping cart products that do not want to buy or change the details you want about delivery or payment method.
    If you have already placed the order, make changes or cancel any order only if the products have already been sent to you by sending an email to office@companytm.com.
    To order online, fill the basket of products is done by clicking the "order" from a product presentation. After adding the desired products in your cart, please send your order by Company T & M. Basket is displayed for verification / confirmation and will ask your billing information. Sending command to you will generate an automatic confirmation of receipt of your order by email. The order will be sent to the shop Company T & M in the city you or the nearest location of your town A representative of Company T & M will contact you by phone and will communicate details of the availability of stock, date of execution (for furniture that is executed
    to order), payment methods, transport and installation.

    How long until RECEIVE ORDER?

    We're eager to receive your beautiful new furniture. Once a firm order has been made and required to pay for goods (including VAT), the deadline for receipt of the goods may vary depending on several factors, such as whether or not stock the product on the store in question, if it is in stock depending on the category of furniture part, the complexity of installation, etc.. Transportation and installation is free up to 25km distance in our stores.