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    Other questions

    1. It may be cancellation / recall?

    Items purchased, which has been issued tax invoice or receipt can not replace or refund the store.
    Proformele system for credit purchases and to pay by bank transfer pro-forma invoices are valid max. 5 days from the date of issue.
    If credit sales system, the order is considered firm for acceptance on the credit file, the delivery of the order is calculated as of this date.
    Proforma invoices for products in stock and for which an advance was paid are valid 7 days. If the client gives up the goods, the amount paid not be refunded.
    If neridicarii order within 7 days after the buyer is notified of its arrival, the buyer will pay 5 lei / gasket Furniture / day, representing storage services.
    For any event of force majeure which prevents or delays the delivery of all or part of the goods ordered, the seller will be relieved of its obligations, but only for the period that force majeure applies.
    Signing a tax invoice or invoice as the case / order sheet implies acceptance by Buyer of all general conditions mentioned above.

    2. What to expect when you receive the goods?

    Depending on the method of delivery, goods will be received as follows:
    - Deposit store, pick up their goods if the customer in-house. The client is asked to check in terms of quantity packages - based on their labels, verify their integrity, and especially packed fragile components: windows, mirrors, etc..
    Once ascertained the integrity of packages, fragile components and after signing the acceptance report, the client will not be entitled to make complaints about them.
    In case of lifting products transportation of the client, T & M Company does not assume responsibility for transportation products were placed in the middle of the client. Once products are received by the client (the ramp or at the point of delivery from the store or warehouse) by signing the minutes of receiving the products become the property of the client, transferring them to the obligation to introduce his own liability, products
    transport means.
    - The office / home buyer, if the delivery is done by T & M Company Company T & M store representatives will call to arrange a meeting.
    Later installation, the buyer is asked to check in terms of quantity and quality of goods and record the acceptance report, prepared together with representatives of the store, any defects found.

    T & M Company strives to be a furniture buying experience as easy and enjoyable possible. We're excited about receiving the new mobile and work hard to ensure that it arrives in good condition to you, however, accidents happen. In the latter case, please enter in the minutes of receiving all non-conformities found in the product purchased. Within 24 hours after signing the protocol, the client is asked to come to the store acquired the product to which a complaint related to the situation. Alternatively, this claim can be done online at relationships.

    There is a customer loyalty program?

    Yes, to reward loyal customers, Company T & M will develop a loyalty program called T & M Bonus Card Company, based bonus system.
    The card is given to everyone who buys furniture worth at least 1500 Ron (including VAT).

    Loyalty card holders will receive special offers.
    Please be informed on the following:
    - The card is valid for 1 year from date of issue in any store Company T & M, less franchise stores and shops authorized distributors;
    - No discounts on Bonus Card Company T & M for products subject to promotions or already discounted;
    - Not granted after one year from the issuance to Company T & M Bonus Card is not granted for:
    purchases made prior to his release for more invoices issued on the same day, the name the same person

    What promotions have validity?

    Promotions are valid according to a fixed term or until promotional campaigns that run short of products.
    Yes, for products of mass production, Company T & M stores benefit from these discounts based on invoice value:

    Discounts are not granted for:
    -Invoices (acquisition) combined;
    -Products (packages) receiving other discounts, promotions;
    -Invoices (purchases) made before 9/11/2007;
    -Unique products (other than products of series).

    Thank you, on this occasion, as you choose quality furniture from T & M Company!

    Products ordered online will look just like the website?

    Color samples displayed on this site may differ slightly from actual product color.
    Monitor the diversity ranges on the market and the possibility of setting different brightness and contrast, T & M Company can not guarantee the existence of a certain color on the monitor image of a product is identical in physical existence.
    It is possible that a shade of color is not the same for different products. For example, shades of brown for a particular product may not be identical with another shade of brown product.
    If you want to fit the exact same shade products, we advise you to buy furniture sold in various ensembles / programs or groups / sets of furniture.

    Buyer agrees that:
    a) products made from natural materials such as leather, solid wood, veneer, or Leather, MDF, can not be made identical in terms of texture, color tones on different surfaces and the apparent peculiarities of material;
    b) wood products may have small cracks or knots depending on the nature of wood or may occur over time, small cracks as a function of temperature and humidity are kept products and, as such, they are not considered defects

    There is reservation in the content / availability of stock / price / pictures / delivery time displayed on the site?

    Photos on this site are for guidance purposes. For some products there are several types of material / color, price may vary depending on these characteristics. The asemnenea, it is possible that certain products, including those presented on the site, is not in stock. Company T & M will not be liable for your use of this site, for any site related malfunctions occurred on products, services and information it contains or provides through the site. T & M Company retains the exclusive right to cancel or refuse any order.
    The information in this site are currently subject to editing errors in the content, omitting prices, incorrect price, typographical errors, size, outdated information, change procedures, etc..
    For complete information on products and pricing, please contact sales counselors in our stores.
    T & M Company reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove information on www.companytm.com anytime.
    We recommend that you periodically check the website for updates to be made aware of.
    Use your site to achieve these changes after you accept the new conditions.